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Buttercup Tin Soy Candle or Melts
Buttercup Tin Soy Candle or Melts
Buttercup Tin Soy Candle or Melts

Buttercup Tin Soy Candle or Melts

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Buttercup Candes are hghly scented, 100% soy, phthalate free, zinc free, and cotton wicks.

Scent Strength and Burn Time

2.8oz Melt: Recommende to be used with electric warmers. 24 hours per oz.

12.5oz: Best for larger rooms or a very strong scent in a small space. 50 hours.

Aloha-will give you that tropical island feels we’re all wishing for right now! This one was a top seller last Summer and predict it will be again this year!

Calm-Lavender is our most requested scent and we searched and tried many for almost a year before landing on a blend that we created with the perfect lavender that will remind you of your favorite essential oil with a touch of patchouli to round it out.

Coconut Cabana- will have you dreaming of lounging pool side with a special someone applying sun tan lotion! Notes Top: Bamboo, Coconut Milk Middle: Coconut, Violet Petals, Sandalwood Base:

Crisp Apple-Pure apple! So crisp, juicy and fresh that you can smell the CRUNCH! One of our strongest fragrances that will fill your home.

Donut Shop-Pumpkin Donut was our best seller for the whole year so we are reintroducing it as Donut Shop! A delicious warm maple donut topped with buttercream frosting and sprinkled with toasted pecans.

Maple Bourbon Pancakes-Maple Bourbon Pancakes is an updated delicious version of our Maple Pancakes! If you enjoyed our other version you are going to love this one. Pancakes is a top seller with men! Note Profile: Top: Caramel, Bourbon, Butter Middle: Sugar, Vanilla Base: Old Fashioned Pancakes

Sated Caramel Cookie-Previously labeled as "Cookies For Santa" this one was just too good to let go! Imagine the most delicious snickerdoodle cookie drizzled with salted caramel. If you enjoy bakery scents you are sure to love this one! Note Profile: Top: Cinnamon, Burnt Sugar Middle: Honey, Butter, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar Base: Vanilla Caramel, Cream

Saturday Morning Cartoons-Our best seller by far!! You know when you were a kid and mom and dad just wanted to sleep in so they let you get that bowl of cereal yourself and you plopped down with it in front of the tv to watch your favorite cartoon? This smells exactly like that delicious bowl of fruity rings right down to the sugary dust in the bottom of the box! Our current top seller!

Spun Sugar-ints of cotton candy and all things sweet Spun Sugar will take you back to days visiting the State Fair or Boardwalk. Notes: Top: Bergamot, Blackberry, Raspberry Middle: Peony, Honeysuckle, Violet Bottom: Musk, White Woods, White Amber

Coffee Break is the perfect coffee blend with just a little vanilla to make it not too abrasive but also not too sweet.  We love burning this one while drinking our morning coffee!

Limoncello Cupcake-Lemon is a favorite in our house so we're a little picky about them. Limoncello Cupcake is a custom created blend of the most perfectly balanced sweet to tart cupcake. You'll think you were sitting in your favorite bakery!

Home Sweet Home-Vanilla is our second most popular request so we knew it was important to get it just right.  It’s a custom-created blend of vanilla bean, sugar, and a touch of amber so it isn't too sweet.  Perfect for shared community spaces and those that love vanilla!