Meet the Dream Team



Meet Rachel!

She’s primarily in our Kickapoo location but helps out in Farmington often. Rachel and her husband live 5 minutes from Kickapoo. They have 3 adorable little kids and a dog named bo. They live on the family farm and much like Beau and I are always doing a project around the house. Her kids mean the world to her and she loves watching her boys play sports and her daughter dance.

Rachel has great style. She is super trendy and loves a classic look.


Meet Grace!

Grace is a sweet girl with classic style. She is there to help you with your styling needs or to complete any look. Grace grew up in Elmwood and is recently engaged. She has a special eye for dressing up any outfit and accessorizing it. You will see her at both of our locations!

Meet Melanie!

She brings a fun, young, and edgy style to the shop. She recently became obsessed with the western trend! She was born and raised in Brimfield. She loves the outdoors and being with her dog, Beau.  He goes everywhere with her ❤️ You will see her mainly in our Kickapoo store. She’s always willing to help with those fashion needs and has a smile on her face!

Meet Cindy!

You will see her primarily in our Farmington store although she helps where she’s needed. She is my mom and has always been a huge support system for us. Whether it is holding the fort down at home when I’m gone to market or stepping up and helping at an event. She’s always there when we need her❤️. Cindy and her husband Dave are from Knoxville. She’s retired and her family is her life! She has 3 grandsons that mean the world to her. She loves to shop and loves helping other women that may not like shopping as much as her!

She loves fashion and will be super helpful in putting pieces together for you.